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When Zoom Fails: Tips for a Smooth Transition to a Phone Interview

Life exists on Zoom right now. Video conferences are used for routine meetings and high stakes interviews. Just as ubiquitous as digital platforms are digital problems. Don’t allow technical snags to derail an important interaction. Here are three tips to seamlessly surmount Zoom fails in your next video interview:

Plan ahead. When you set up the meeting, provide your phone number in case there is a problem. A simple reply such as, “Looking forward to speaking with you. If there is any trouble with Zoom, you can reach me by phone at 412-555-3641” shows foresight. Have your ear-buds handy and your phone charged in case you need them.

Stay calm. Technology problems are frustrating. Changes of plan can leave you feeling flustered. These can compound nerves in an interview. Don’t let emotions throw you off your game. This is the perfect opportunity to show your adaptability and poise to potential employers.

Be intentional. In a phone call, you don’t have the benefit of non-verbal cues and all the hints they provide. Be careful about turn-taking. Make it a point to be animated and engaged. In a phone interview you can focus your attention on your conversation to make a lasting impression.