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Three Traits 2020 Has Cultivated That Will Help You in the Job Market

As the year winds down, it’s natural to turn our attention to the year ahead. This year has given us even more reasons to be eager for a fresh start. 2020 has brought manifold challenges, yet there are reasons job seekers have to be optimistic for 2021. Here are three character traits that 2020 have brought into stark relief that will serve you in 2021:

Drive. The turbulence of this year has forced us to call on grit and determination we didn’t know we had. It’s recentered us around what matters as we press forward into the next challenge. Those are invaluable lessons that will be of assistance to you personally as well as professionally.

Adaptability. Unpredictability has been the only constant of 2020. We’ve had to learn to think on our feet and innovate to meet each evolving situation. The skills needed to take stock, implement change, reevaluate, and adjust and essential professional skills, particularly as many industries will be coping with the impacts of COVID for months and years to come.

Gratitude. Simple things that we used to take for granted, like shaking someone’s hand, have been taken away. That has translated to a new level of awareness and appreciation for all aspects of our professional life. From colleagues to collaborate with to going in to the office to office holiday parties, we no longer take anything for granted. That sense of perspective and positivity is essential for long-term success in the job market and professional sphere.