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Three Mistakes to Avoid in Your First Few Weeks on the Job

Starting a new position is a time of opportunity, excitement, and stress. As you step into a new role, you will be enthusiastic and engaged. It’s important to channel that energy toward productive ends. You are setting the tone for what will, hopefully, be a long tenure with this organization. Don’t derail relationships and rhythms before you’ve even begun. Hyatt-Fennell co-founder Dr. Marylouise Fennell, RSM offers some wisdom we can all use to avoid some common mistakes. Dr. Fennell encourages us NOT to:

Make perception reality. Don’t pigeon hole people or situations. You are meeting coworkers that you’ll collaborate with for years to come. It’s a natural human impulse to want to understand and categorize people, but if you are quick to judge, not only can you get it wrong, but you can cheat yourself out of a valuable relationship.

Overdo it. It’s natural to enter a new position bursting with ideas and initiative. Recognize that you’re the new kid on the block and take time to acclimate before you try to change everything. You will have plenty of time to craft policies and influence practices. If you want to earn the credibility to offer input, you must first listen and learn.

Bluff your way to a mistake. This is a new position. It will take you months to be fully trained and acclimated. Be honest about what you don’t know. It’s okay to trust your new colleagues with areas of vulnerability. Whatever your other duties, your number one task on a new job is to learn. Allow this phase of discovery to be profitable by asking questions and seeking help when you need it.