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The Right Answer to “What Makes You Right for This Job?

There are many questions that are a perennial part of the interview process. The fact that “what makes you the right fit for this job?” is a familiar question can lead to a rote and unspectacular response. You should not have a stock answer for this question. Each response you give should be informed by your experience and tailored to the position at hand. There are four areas you can incorporate into your response to this question to show you are right for the job:

Skills. Connect your skills with the responsibilities of the position. Explain how your experience gives you the relevant competence and how your background gives you fresh insight into how to enact this position.

Results. Demonstrate how you have achieved results in the past. Cite the results you’ve attained in light of the obstacles and opportunities facing the organization. If the school has a challenge attracting new students, share how through digital integration and student ambassadors, you improved student enrollment by 12%.

Values. How do your values as a person and professional interface with the mission of this organization? What aspects of their culture and approach resonate with you? The hiring process is not just about core capability, but personality and fit.

Goals. Employers aren’t just looking for someone to work for them tomorrow, but someone who will grow with their organization next year and the year after that. Relate your career goals with their organizational objectives. Your aim is not merely to state that you can satisfactorily do the job, but to explain how your skills can enhance and grow the role and serve their organization in the long-term.

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