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The One Area You May Be Overlooking in Hiring—with Disastrous Results

Employers constantly evaluate a candidate’s experience and skills. However, far too many organizations neglect to consider the applicant’s character. Our own Dr. Marylouise Fennell recently contributed to eCampus News in an article discussing the importance of integrity to the success of an institution. Dr. Fennell writes, “Strong character builds strong organizations. If your leaders are trustworthy, constituents are more likely to donate, campus experience is improved, and student and employee retention goes up. Integrity yields success.

Character expresses itself in countless ways that impact performance, from the hours an employee puts in, to the way she treats her coworkers, to the way she responds in a crisis. You can shape the skills of an employee. You cannot conjure character. Employers must bear this in mind during the hiring process. Character should be one of the aspects they assess throughout the interview. It is vital that employers not only seek employees with the requisite expertise, but also evaluate applicants based on their character.”

Dr. Fennell provides guidelines for four ways employers can assess the character of their applicants. Watch for her entire article in an upcoming article to be featured in eCampus News.