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Standing out from the Crowd: Why Should a Hiring Manager Look Twice at Your Résumé?

Applying for a competitive position can be daunting. Kat Boogaard lists five ways you can stand out from the rest. In addition to making sure you are personal in your outreach and up-to-date with your résumé, she gives sage guidance on catching the eye of the person reviewing your submission. Boogaard advises:

I won’t deny that your resume and cover letter are extremely important documents for job search success. But, does that mean they’re absolutely the only things you need in order to land your dream job? Absolutely not.

You should never hesitate to go the extra mile, show some initiative, and share some other materials that a potential employer might care about. Go ahead and send them a link to your portfolio or personal blog. Anything that helps them to get a better sense of who you are as a candidate will benefit you!

Going above and beyond makes a great applicant, because it shows the hiring manager why you’d be a great employee. Read her entire article here.