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Remote Work: Three In-Demand Skills to Highlight in Your Job Search

The coronavirus pandemic has shifted a record number of employees to working online. Savvy job seekers will be aware of this as they present themselves in the application and interview process. In addition to highlighting your position-specific experience, help the potential employer see you as an agile part of their workforce. Here are three competencies employers are looking for in 2021:

Clear communication. The shift to online has adjusted our communication needs. Three key aspects now are clarity, frequency, and volume as employees must thoroughly but efficiently communicate from separate work-spaces. Your ability to highlight your communication skills begins with your first contact with the company and is strengthened (or sabotaged) by each subsequent interaction. Take the extra time to reread each message: did you include all the information needed—and did you trim out anything unhelpful?

Demonstrated achievement. Staying focused and productive is more challenging than ever.

Show your ability to be clear in your goals, organized in your approach, and successful in your outcomes. Explain the process you deploy and the way you evaluate and improve your method.

Constructive collaboration. Working online has fractured the workforce. Employers want to see that you can connect with coworkers, value their priorities, and integrate their input. In an interview as you describe your successes, note how others contributed and how much you value their work and perspective.

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