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Proving That You Are a Relationship Builder: Let Your Interpersonal Skills Shine in the Interview

Employees who build good relationships with colleagues and customers or constituents are valuable. Not only do they increase loyalty, but they also provide the depth needed to differentiate the organization. These soft skills are as important as other competencies and can even offset an individual who is lacking in another area. The need for strong interpersonal skills has only increased in a digital culture. People value authentic interactions. We have three tips for ways to show your relational aptitude during a job search: 

Be personable. Don’t use canned, tired language in your cover letter. This does not mean that you should be informal, but rather fully inhabit the appropriate decorum with your own personality and perspective. Instead of “I look forward to discussing this matter with you,” try “I look forward to exploring a partnership with your organization.”

Inhabit greetings. In your focus on the substance of the interview, don’t gloss over the important elements of an introduction. Look each person in the eye. Shake their hand. Give a warm and clear greeting. Interpersonal skills are about making every moments like these meaningful.

Engage small talk. Moments of connection before and after the interview and valuable times to get to know your interviewer. You’re not doing yourself any favors by resorting to banal observations about the weather. Before your interview mentally bookmark a few interesting questions you can ask them or anecdotes you can share.

Finally, after your interview, give attention to your thank you note. Be warm and specific as you express appreciation for their time and the opportunity to interview with their organization. By remembering these soft skills, you will stand out from the competition.