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Paying it Forward: Being a Positive Force in the Workplace

Now more than ever, we’re reminded that kindness is critical to life in crisis mode. The global pandemic has brought broad and acute changes and challenges to many. Each of us has a unique opportunity to bring solutions where many are facing hardship. We have three ways you can make a positive professional difference today. 

Say thank you. We could all use some positivity and encouragement about now. Think back to a person or two who has helped you in your career and write them a note of thanks. This will not only brighten their day, but will help keep your relationship strong.

Pay it forward. One of the best ways to honor the contribution of others in your life is to help someone who could use your support right now. Write a referral. Make an introduction. It could be as simple as writing an endorsement on someone’s LinkedIn profile. Make a goal to do one kindness for a colleague each week for the next month and see how the practice enriches your work life.

Facilitate connection. Precautions to prevent the spread of the coronavirus has stopped much interpersonal interaction. This short-circuits the networking that is crucial for long-term career success and the everyday conversations that give life to our days. Be creative to find ways to safely connect with colleagues. Facilitate an online panel discussion on the challenges of working remotely. Host a Zoom happy hour. Make a virtual lunch or coffee appointment with a colleague. 

How have you seen kindness practice in the workplace this week? Share your experience with us on social media.