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One Overlooked Way Organizations Can Increase Employee Diversity

There is growing consensus on the importance of having a diverse workforce. In addition to the ethical considerations, there is an economic argument to be made. In a recent article McKinsey notes their research “has shown that large companies in the top quartile for ethnic and cultural diversity outperform those in the fourth quartile by 36 percent.” McKinsey focuses on one strategy that organizations rarely integrate: the location of their offices. Bryan Hancock and Monne Williams explain,

“Locating hubs, branches, second headquarters, factories, and more in places where Black people live. As companies contemplate their postpandemic return-to-work strategies, adding a racial-equity lens to their decision making could have lasting effects. In the previous century, millions of Black people left the South to go to companies with jobs in cities such as Chicago and Detroit, a historic shift known as the Great Migration. In the current century, companies looking for a more successfully diverse workforce might want to launch a reverse migration—going to Black people rather than hoping that Black people will come to them.”

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