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Leadership Lessons from Mother

Family is where we first learn how to relate to others and the world around us. Many of us learn some of the most lasting leadership lessons from our mothers. In honor of Mother’s Day, and the incredible women we have known throughout our careers, we’d like to offer these four leadership lessons we’ve gleaned from the mothers in our lives:

Dedication gets results. Motherhood isn’t an occasional hobby, but a vocation that demands time, energy, and passion. A mom is never off-duty. They meet the challenge with devotion and it shows. The ongoing care and attention they pour into infants, toddlers, and teens yields healthy and successful adults. When approaching your job, don’t try to get by with the minimum effort, but bring heart and diligence to your work.

Understand your team. Family dynamics are some of the most complex human interactions. Mothers understand what makes their children tick and how to get everyone to work together for a common goal. As you lead a group of employees, take the time to get to know each member, their motivations, skills, and goals. This will yield a more successful outcome.

People look to leaders in times of crisis. Many individuals refer to their mother as “the rock" of the family. It’s a moniker they have earned through difficult seasons. Mothers bear the load in the hard times and share the bounty in the good times. Put the good of your organization and your team first in times of dilemma and success.

Take the long view. Most women don’t dream of having a collicky baby or look forward to a moody teenager. They understand that parenting is a long-term process with the aim of raising a healthy individual, well equipped to navigate life. This goal—and the love of their children—sustains them through many sleepless nights and turbulent days. Where you’re going influences how you get there. Mothers remind us to move beyond short-term pain to a wide horizon of success.

We are grateful to all the mothers we have known, from our own wonderful mothers to the many women we have been privileged to collaborate with. Happy Mother’s Day to each one of you from the entire Hyatt Fennell team.