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Humble Hiring: The Importance of Identifying this Valuable Trait

If you ask supervisors what makes a good employee, a predictable list will emerge: reliability, teamwork, problem solving, etc.. However, there’s one characteristic that likely won’t make the list, but is shared by the most valuable employees: humility. Humility is undervalued in the workforce. The Wall Street Journal reports that humility is “linked to lower turnover and absenteeism.” That is just the beginning of how humble professionals make excellent employees. Here are three ways humility will make your organization stronger:

1. Humility contributes to healthy teams. Humility is vital for collaboration. If you want to get things done, you need to be able—and willing—to see things from someone else’s perspective. You also have to be open to do tasks for the good of the team. Humble people look beyond themselves.

2. Humility strengthens outcomes. Humble people value the contribution of others. This allows them to integrate multiple viewpoints and suggestions to yield a better product.

3. Humility improves performance. Humble professionals realize that they have weaknesses and look for ways to strengthen their performance and process. Humility opens employees up to others’ feedback and new practices as they develop professionally.