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Giving Thanks: Three Ways to Show Your Colleagues Gratitude.

This time of year has a positive effect of cultivating thankfulness. Strong work relationships are founded on mutual respect, trust, and appreciation. This November, take some time to make sure your colleagues know how grateful you are for them. Here are three ways to show your thanks:

Recognize them in front of others. Humans are social creatures. The reason gossip is so detrimental is that it erodes one of a person’s greatest assets: their reputation. Complimenting someone in front of others has the inverse effect. It allows their contributions to be seen and celebrated by the entire group.

Turn something in early. We are all juggling a plethora of responsibilities. One way to recognize a colleague’s work is to take something off their list of things to worry about. Hit a deadline early as a way of expressing your gratitude for them and all they do to make projects a success.

Express your admiration. While many of us make a habit of saying “thank you” for the things our coworkers’ actions, we can forget to appreciate their attributes. Take a moment to articulate the character traits we value in them, including their approach to their work and their contributions to your team.

Each of us at Hyatt-Fennell Executive Search is deeply grateful for the ways you teach, inspire, and give to those around you. We count it a privilege to know and work with you. Happy Thanksgiving from our team to yours.