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Give Yourself The Gift of Reflection

Many of us are eager to forget 2020 as quickly as we can and move on. While we empathize with a desire to look to brighter times, don’t cheat yourself out of the gift of reflection. Making a practice of looking back over the year that’s coming to a close and planning for the year to come can unlock professional growth. Set aside an hour or two, brew yourself some coffee, and spend some time asking yourself these questions:

● What were my biggest accomplishments of this year?

● What was the biggest surprise of this year?

● What challenges did this year bring?

● How did my response show growth?

● How can my response to challenge continue to improve?

● What habits or practices are holding me back?

● What professional aspirations have I been putting off?

● What additional resources (training, collaborators, equipment) do I need to grow?

We recommend having a specific notebook or document on your computer for this yearly practice to gain a cumulative perspective. You can garner valuable lessons through an annual retrospective. With some intentionality, we can make the most of what we’ve learned to make 2021 a better year, both professionally and personally. What is your biggest takeaway from this year? Share your wisdom with us on social media.

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