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Getting Ahead Faster with Managing Up

In our recent post What 2020 Taught Us about the Value of Succession Planning, we discussed the importance of succession planning for organizations. In her article in The Wall Street Journal, Allison Pohle writes about planning for advancement from an employee’s perspective.

Pohle notes the importance of clear expectations for success with your supervisor and being attentive to their management style: She writes, “The workplace is a social system...so relationships matter, especially the relationship you have with your boss. Your manager may have control over what projects you work on and your visibility within the organization.” Pohle calls this practice managing up and notes, “When you manage up effectively...your relationship with your boss works for you, for your boss, and for the organization.” One specific suggestion she offers is to phrase things positively as requests, not complaints. Rather than lamenting the shortness of time for allotted work, ask for clarifications about deadline priorities. Read her entire article here.