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Email Etiquette during a Job Search

Much of your early contact with a company will be through email. This medium can feel cold and impersonal, but it doesn’t have to. Through your conduct, you have the opportunity to make a favorable impression—or you can sabotage your chances through a sloppy mistake. Here are four rules of email interactions before your interview:

Proofread scrupulously. We know that we should carefully proof emails before sending them, but it’s all too easy to eagerly hit send without taking the time for due diligence. One practice that can be helpful is to write your cover letters in the evening and then proofread them in the morning with fresh eyes.

Avoid negativity. Don’t say anything that you wouldn’t want to be public. Assume your email might be forwarded. Saying something like, “The HR manager has been very unhelpful, so I’m reaching out to you directly,” will not be advantageous.

Observe formalities. In ongoing work relationships, email becomes increasingly familiar. With a regular colleague, you may send one-sentence emails without salutation or signature. Initial interactions with an organization are not the time to be casual. Always use a greeting with title and a signature.

Set a tone. In addition to attending to your content, always maintain a positive, professional tone. These emails reflect your interpersonal and communication skills. Set the stage for your interview by presenting yourself well.

Have you ever been tripped up by an email mishap or stood out from the crowd through an email interaction? Share your story with us on social media.