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Dr. Robert Head Featured in Inside Higher Ed

In a recent article in Inside Higher Ed, Colleen Flaherty interviewed black faculty members about the season of racial reckoning that is causing reflection on college campuses. One of the leaders she spoke with is Hyatt-Fennell’s own Dr. Robert Head. 

Dr. Head shares his experience in academic leadership, where all too often inclusion was shorthand for tokenism without substantive change. He discussed the challenges to ensure more equity—and highlights the opportunities for institutions who do so well. Dr. Head notes, “in a few years, the enrollment of students of color will exceed the enrollment of white students on several campuses.” That provides a “crucial business purpose for engaging in antiracism work as a system and not merely delegating it to Black faculty.” Read the entire piece here

Dr. Head has chronicled his experiences and reflections on race in higher education in his book Playing from Behind. His book makes a thoughtful, timely gift for colleagues this holiday season and beyond.