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Billing with Empathy: Dr. Marylouise Fennell Featured on eCampus News

As colleges respond to the pandemic, they not only face fiscal decisions, they face choices about values. This week our own Dr. Marylouise Fennell contributed to eCampus news on the importance of approaching financial strategies with empathy. Fennell writes, “As schools revise budgets and projections, they can lose sight of one trait that should be an integral part of their plan: empathy. Compassion exists in service of—not opposition to—your financial goals. When your approach is shaped by empathy, students respond with increased performance and loyalty. They know they are not just an enrollment statistic to you—they are a member of your community. Successfully weathering the pandemic and its aftershocks lies in your ability to make a robust, healthy community. If your school is to prosper, you need to balance the real and pressing urgencies of today with the long-term challenges—and opportunities—of the years ahead.”

Read her suggestions for integrating empathy in her piece here.