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Are You Thinking Too Small?

The coronavirus pandemic has upended life around the globe. In a recent article in eCampus News, Hyatt Fennell Executive Search’s own Cheryl Hyatt reflects on the ways that we can leverage the innovation that responding to the crisis has brought to the forefront. She writes, “Surviving the pandemic has invigorated a creative, problem-solving spirit that’s always been within us. As the pandemic quells, we must resist the allure of the familiar. Defaulting to old ways of doing things is an easy and erroneous strategy. Thinking outside the box used to express expanding our creative outlook. We now know we can—and must—think much bigger.

In between senseless iconoclasm and mindless repetition lies the path to productivity. With an eye on the lessons of the past and the challenges of the future, we can move forward with creativity and ingenuity. Colleges have a unique opportunity to harness the power of new and limber processes invented by necessity. The power of innovation has enlivened our practices. We can carry this momentum forward as we define what’s next and shape a positive, innovative future. Students have grown to think differently about their education. We must, too.”

Read the rest of her thoughts, including strategic takeaways for colleges, in an upcoming article to be featured in eCampus News.