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3 Reasons The Right Staff Is Key to Achieving Your Goals for 2021

The unpredictability of the COVID-19 pandemic has upended industries. Quality leadership can steady the course for organizations. As we approach the new year, it’s a pivotal time to address any gaps in your leadership structure. Here are three ways decisive leaders will help your institution succeed in 2021:

Connecting vision and values. Each institution has a unique culture that informs how they fulfill their mission. As your organization regroups, a savvy leader will draw upon your legacy and distinctive to chart a course forward.

Managing morale. This year has been profoundly difficult for each of your employees, as they’ve faced personal and professional hurdles. Good leaders connect with employees at all levels of an organization to acknowledge their hardship and gather them around the organization’s vision.

Exercising innovation. Institutions across industries have had their normal operations curtailed and redirected. In order to survive, and even thrive, organizations must be agile enough to recognize opportunities in refining practices and exploring new paths.

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