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Acqui-hiring: How to Help New Employees Thrive

When organizations merge, inevitably human capital is at stake. Bringing two organizations together is a complex process. In the midst of attending to finances and facilities, leaders need to orient a new set of employees. There are two facets to engaging new employees to drive company culture and efficiency: looking back and looking forward.

Looking Back

  1. Acknowledge. Being absorbed by another organization is often an unforeseen circumstance for your new employees. It’s a time of stress for your entire workforce, but especially the new employees. Acknowledge the uncertainty and loss they are experiencing.

  2. Recognize. There should also be a positive aspect to your reflection. Recognize the accomplishments of the new employees at their previous organization. The history of that institution isn’t being erased; it’s enriching the history of your organization.

Looking Forward

  1. Educate. While it’s important to be honest about the unease of the present, the goal is to smoothly move employees into a future orientation. Help them to understand the culture and values of your organization. What makes your approach and ethos unique?

  2. Inspire. Cast vision that allows them to see the future of your institution and their place in it. Chart a path for career success that enables them to invest in the future of your organization.

Integrating new employees into your workforce is a multi-stage process. Build in times of reflection and review to keep the process moving smoothly from the initial weeks through the foundational years.