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Why You Should Consider Hiring Now

Many institutions have instituted hiring freezes to mitigate the financial shortfalls created by the pandemic. Mike Wheless argues in The Chronicle of Higher Education that this may be the best time to attract top talent from the job pool. Wheless observes, “from my team’s perspective, better questions for institutions to ask themselves are: ‘should we recruit now, while others are fearful and the talent we are after is not being inundated with competing offers? Or should we wait for this rare opportunity to pass us by?’” He points out that this moment is an inflection point that will shape institutions deeply—for good or ill—and effective leaders will make the difference between survival and extinction for many schools. Read his full article here.

If you’re institution is ready to take advantage of this time to hire leaders to see you through this challenging season, reach out to Hyatt-Fennel to discuss next steps.