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Pandemic Uncertainty and an Opportunity for Leadership: What’s Your Next Step?

The COVID-19 pandemic may be inspiring dreams of retirement for myriad professionals (or at least those who are honest!). Many have moved up retirement plans, opting to exit the chaos now rather than serve out another year or two. These retirements mark a closing and an opening. They provide a chance to celebrate the contributions of those who have provided direction in the past. They also offer an opportunity for a new wave of leaders to step to the fore and bring decisive leadership to guide organizations through this turbulent time.

The global pandemic has brought unprecedented challenges to colleges and universities as they have been forced to adapt instruction, attend to safety measures, maintain campus community, and deal added costs. All this comes in an already challenging time for higher education, especially independent colleges. At Hyatt-Fennell Executive Search we empathize with the challenges, understand the stresses, and see the opportunities this time brings. We believe that decisive, wise leaders are needed to guide their schools through this time. As some retirements accelerate, that opens opportunities for new leadership roles. Filling those roles with the right individuals is more important now than ever. Hyatt-Fennell brings decades of experience to the search process, guiding organizations and professionals through this key time. Whether you are an institution with vital leadership roles to fill or an individual looking for your position, we are here to help. Contact Hyatt-Fennell today to discuss what your future holds.