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How Your Part-Time Jobs Fit into Your Résumé

Not all careers are linear. Many professionals have times away from the workforce or working part-time positions. Those times need not be glaring holes in your résumé; they may simply require more thought to integrate. Kat Boogaard from Zip Recruiter shares valuable guidelines to allow your experience to show your qualifications:

“Highlighting your experience in an appealing way (even if it is just part-time!) isn’t as impossible as you might think...It’s important to remember that hiring managers are looking for one thing when they sort through that seemingly endless pile of documents: they’re searching for the very best fit for that position. So, it’s up to you to tailor your résumé to portray yourself as the perfect candidate for that job—and not necessarily every job under the sun.”

The key, she notes, is to find similarities you can emphasize. Read the rest of her advice here.