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Digital Life Best Practices: What We’ve Learned from this Season

The rise of COVID-19 suddenly shifted life online. This migration has caused an uptick in innovations. A number of things initially done out of necessity have proven to be sustainable practices that can improve the strategy and practices of colleges. Here are three of the trends that we hope will continue:

1. Virtual campus tour. Many students will consider your school. Fewer will invest the time and money to visit, particularly when there is distance involved. Allow all students to get a positive introduction by having a high-quality virtual tour of your campus. The tour should not only include physical buildings, but highlight school culture.

2. Online meet and greet. The coronavirus pandemic has shown us that there are many ways to connect. Introduce potential students to your faculty through hosting a virtual meet and greet. The event can feature a brief presentation by a professor on their area of specialty or life reflections and time for Q and A. These are not only great for potential students, but allow families and alumni to feel more connected to campus life.

3. Flexibility. Employers and employees alike are counted on to adapt with flexibility, resilience and accountability needed to ensure meaningful collaboration and progress. These qualities are not only critical now, but will serve organizations well as we evolve into the future of work.

How has your campus innovated during this time? Share your experience on social media.