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How Resilient Employees Shape Organizational Outcomes: Cheryl Hyatt Featured in Recruiter Today

Cheryl was recently featured in Recruiter Today discussing the role that strong employees play in making an organization strong and sustainable. She writes:

“Resilience is a trait that unites strength, perseverance, and adaptability. Keeping those traits in tension is key to success. Brute strength that doesn’t see a task through or adjust it’s approach leads to burnout. Dedication is not helpful if it’s misdirected and doggedly clings to the wrong idea. Flexibility needs to be grounded and focused. When these characteristics come together, it yields employees that are not only good in a crisis, but skilled in helping a dilemma come to a positive resolution.

Resilience on an individual level translates to resilience on an institutional level. Strong and flexible employees make for enduring organizations. This is vital not only as companies face the coronavirus pandemic, but also deal with the long-term ramifications it will leave in its wake.”

Read her entire article here.

If you need guidance on hiring key people to see your organization through this challenging time, contact Cheryl today to discuss how we can help.