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Three Strategies for Accelerating a Leadership Search

As summer recess begins, many college leaders are already turning their attention to fall and the people they’ll need to make 2020/2021 a successful academic year. The shift to online instruction has added even more of a crunch to colleges in need of critical campus leadership for the fall. If you have executive positions you’re looking to fill, we have three tips to speed up your search.

Understand your organization. Cultural fit is a key factor for long-term success. What values does your candidate need to resonate with? Which aspects of your mission are core to your identity and which are evolving? Having a robust understanding of who you are will give you a clear idea of who your candidate might be.

Identify your challenges. The skill set that made the last leader successful may not be what is called for in the next five years. In the rapidly shifting landscape of higher ed, it’s vital that you zero in on the obstacles you need to overcome and the opportunities you need to expand.

Enlist help. An executive search firm, such as Hyatt-Fennell, brings experience to the process, perspective to the decision, and a cultivated network to draw from. Allowing a proven search firm to assist with your next leadership position will allow you to maintain your focus on your current responsibilities while selecting a leader to grow your organization.