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What’s in Your Toolbox: Three Keys for Adapting in an Uncertain Time

The coronavirus pandemic has turned life as we knew it on its head. Teams are scattered across their home offices as they collaborate from home. Business practices are having to change. New procedures are being implemented. When you face an abrupt change, how can you not only survive, but succeed? We have three tips to help you catch the curveballs life throws.

  1. Recognize your overall objective. It’s important to have a broad perspective during times of change. Take a step back and evaluate what your primary function is and how you can get there. Build space for contingency plans into your mental sketch of the situation.

  2. Identify your short-term need. Once you know where you need to go, what’s the next step you can take to take to get there? In the face of change, it’s common to be paralyzed. Focus on the next thing you need to do to build momentum for yourself and your team.

  3. Understand your skills. Play to your strengths. What traits help you overcome adversity? What strategies have served you well in the past? How can you capitalize on your previous experience? It’s also key to be aware of your weaknesses. Know when to enlist help to supplement your skills.