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Resilience Prevails: How to Hire and Keep Employees Who Perform Under Pressure

The coronavirus pandemic has upended industries across the globe. One of the realities it has brought into sharp focus is that resilience is among the most important qualities in the workplace. Strong and flexible employees make for enduring organizations. How can you find and foster resilience among your workforce? We have three areas to guide you in hiring employees who prevail under pressure:

  1. Screen. Identifying resilience should be a key part of your interview process. There are two aspects to establish. First, what is their mentality toward obstacles? Do they avoid them? Do they feel defeated by them? Or, do they meet them head on? Second, what is their approach toward obstacles? Are they able to think creatively and innovate? Do they persevere through challenges? How do they contribute to team dynamics in a difficult situation?

  2. Shape. Through challenges big and small, managers have ongoing opportunities to shape and evolve their subordinates ability to overcome adversity. Do managers in your organization micro-manage? It can be tempting to rush in to take care of a crisis yourself, but guiding employees through challenges is key for developing overall institutional strength. Good managers will provide guidance paired with freedom for employees to develop their own strategies. They will also provide feedback and coaching after a problem passes to enable even better iterations in the future.

  3. Recognize. Creating institutional culture is an ongoing process. When you reward a trait or an accomplishment you not only reinforce it for the individual, but you give their colleagues something to aspire to. Recognition should happen on all levels, from formal awards to informal times in meetings to applaud the good you see others doing.