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March 17, 2020


Like everyone around the world, we are looking for a way to respond to the coronavirus pandemic. For almost 30 years, the partners of Hyatt-Fennell have worked with many institutions to help them find executive and senior leaders.  Over these years we have developed many friends. More importantly, we have made many friends.   And, as we all know, when difficulties arise, we tend to turn to our friends.

So today, Hyatt-Fennell wants to stop the clock, and throw it away!  What this means is that we want to remind you that we are your friends.  Because we want to help, we invite you to call any of us, at no cost, to work with you to think through this crisis, or any other related matters that are worrying you.  Or, we are available to simply listen to what you are facing in these very difficult times.  Our team has significant experiences in the field of higher education and have been through different crises over the last 40 years.

Today, all of us turn to our friends for help and support. 
Your friends at Hyatt-Fennell are ready to listen, and willing to help.


Call any of us:

Cheryl Hyatt                        724-622-1982   


Weezie Fennell                    412-638-8814      https://www.hyattfennell.com/marylouise-fennell

Robert Head                        904-383-8009    https://www.hyattfennell.com/robert-head

Jake Schrum                        276-698-7560    https://www.hyattfennell.com/jakebschrum

Jack Calareso                      781-779-9385      https://www.hyattfennell.com/jcalareso

Tom Kennedy                     303-877-8978       


Maria de la Camara            518-281-8639      https://www.hyattfennell.com/maria-delacamara

Lynn Rudisill                      412-443-8424       


Stay healthy….we will get through this together.



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