Prove It: How Metrics Make Your Résumé Achievements Tangible

March 13, 2020



The goal of a résumé is to paint a clear picture of your career success for a potential employer. Using specific metrics quantifies that success in vivid color. Here are three ways to use metrics effectively in your résumé:


  1. Be specific. The beauty of metrics is they allow you to demonstrate the value you could bring to a company. Rather than “improved employee retention,” you can say “designed and instituted a new employee-training program that increased employee retention by 37% over a five-year period.”

  2. Be selective. Highlight key achievements through metrics. Don’t feel compelled to include them for each item. Think of metrics as a picture in a newspaper. Not each story has—or needs—one. Thoughtful use allows you to illustrate experiences winsomely. 

  3. Be brief. Don’t get so bogged down in metrics that your résumé reads like a stockholder’s report. Metrics should be easily apprehended to be effective. Keep them to one sentence for clarity and avoid unnecessary jargon.

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