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Interview Advice for College Students

Whether it’s an internship or first job after graduation, many college students are turning their attention to summer career opportunities. At Hyatt-Fennell Executive Search, our clients are integral in developing the next generation of professionals. Along with our clients, we share a commitment to student success. As an executive-search firm, we see the application and interview process from all angles. We have three pieces of advice most important for college students to keep in mind as they interview for their next career opportunities:

  1. Show your soft skills. Employers place a premium on soft skills. As you research and prepare content for your interview, also consider presentation. Think through the different aspects of the interview and how you will conduct yourself. Look your interviewers in the eye and shake their hands. Be warm and engaged throughout the interview.

  2. Take your time. While an interview can seem like a high-pressure situation, remember that you can stay centered and focused. When we are nervous, it is natural to rush. While a 5-second pause may seem like an eternity to you, it will barely be noticed by your interviewers. Don’t be afraid to pause for a beat to collect your thoughts and give a clear answer.

  3. Ask your mentors. Don’t undervalue the resources you have already. Your mentors not only have a wealth of experience, they know you—your strengths and your weaknesses. Ask for their advice specific to you and the opportunity you are pursuing.