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What’s in Your Tool Box? Four Keys to Ace a Zoom Interview

Receiving a call-back is cause for celebration—and preparation. In addition to the regular research and prep you would do for any interview, a video interview requires some special forethought. Here are four tips to make sure you give a clear picture with your video interview:

  1. Check your tech. Many of us don’t use video conferencing on a regular basis. Practice making and receiving several calls with a friend or colleague. This technical run-through enables you to check that you are comfortable using the software and that your hardware, such as your camera and speakers, are working properly.

  2. Set the scene. What is in view for your interviewers? Set a professional tone both in your background and in your personal appearance. Is the camera staring up or down at you at an unnatural angle? Do your best to replicate an in-person conversation in which you sit across a table from your interviewer.

  3. Be warm. Video interviews can lack the natural rapport that develops in an in-person interaction. Give special attention to your soft skills. You won’t be able to shake their hands, but you can still express your pleasure at meeting them. Remind yourself to be relaxed and smile.

  4. Expect the unexpected. Even with careful preparation, it’s possible that something will still go awry. Someone rings the doorbell, your cat coughs up a hairball in the background—things happen. Apologize and redirect back to the substance of the conversation. An interruption is an opportunity to demonstrate how you can be calm under pressure.