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Have You Made These Interview Mistakes?

Jim Pawlak notes that there are three reasons that people who secure a first interview don’t get invited back: poor first impression, lack of confidence, and wrong answers. Wrong answers can take a number of different forms. He explains one common mistake:

“Not answering a question clearly buries you, too. Often people start off on-point, then in an effort to impress, begin to add information that actually muddles their answer. The interviewer shouldn’t have to poke around the gravy to find the meat. Keep your answers brief. If you’re not sure if you’ve provided sufficient information, you can always ask: ‘Is there anything more you’d like to know?’ ‘No’ isn’t a good response when an interviewer asks ‘Do you have any questions?’ Throughout the interview, you should be asking questions about the company and the job. Asking questions, especially about the company, shows you’ve prepared for the interview.”

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