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Avoiding a Disastrous Hire: How to Sift Confidence from Competence

Hiring committees are tasked with assessing the character and fit of a candidate in a short amount of time. Even with multiple interviews, it is a compressed sample. How can you see through surface shine and ascertain true quality? Cheryl Hyatt recently delved into this topic in an article for Recruiter. One of her suggestions: enlist outside perspectives. Your candidate’s references have seen them in diverse circumstances and offer valuable insight. Hyatt writes:

“Even in a lengthy interview process, the amount of time you spend with a candidate can be measured in hours—during which they will be on their best behavior. It’s vital that you hear from people who worked with the candidates over years, including times when things didn’t go their way. Questions like ‘How does he respond when he’s made a mistake?’ and ‘How does she work in a team?’ are key questions to ask references.”

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