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What’s in Your Toolkit: 5 Effective Ways to Deal with Job Rejection.

There is one guarantee if you are looking for a job: you will be told no. While few people look forward to rejection, you can make it work for you. Here are five ways to grow from the rejection that is inherent in a job search:

  1. Say thank you. Even when you receive a rejection, take the time to genuinely thank the interviewer or hiring manager for their time. Manners matter. You never know when you will interact with that person next. Be sure to show your character even when you’ve received bad news.

  2. Consider the reason. It can help your approach to the next position if you understand why you weren’t a good fit for this one. Was it the size of the organization? Your past experience? While you can’t change who you are, you can help the next hiring manager see how your past experience connects with their position.

  3. Identify a gain. What’s one thing you learned, about yourself or about the job market, through the interview process? By recognizing how you’ve benefitted, it’s easier to keep a positive perspective.

  4. Remember the big picture. What is your goal in your next job? While many hiring professionals no longer recommend that you put an objective on your résumé, you should have one for yourself. Keep your goal in mind when faced with obstacles and rejection.

  5. Move forward. Once you’ve gleaned what you can from the experience, don’t dwell on it. Take the insights you’ve gathered and look to the future. Each interview is practice for the next. Allow your job search to grow your experience, not deplete your enthusiasm.