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Leadership Lessons from A Charlie Brown Christmas

In A Charlie Brown Christmas, good old Chuck is conscripted to direct the Christmas play. This holiday classic yields some valuable life—and leadership—lessons. Here are three principles from Charlie Brown’s holiday adventure:

  1. Get outside yourself. Lucy suggests that Charlie Brown get involved in the Christmas play to shake him out of his holiday malaise. Lucy rightly points out that investing in others is the best way to build meaning into our lives.

  2. See potential—even when others don’t. Charlie Brown infamously selects the saddest tree in the lot as his beloved Christmas tree. True leaders see the hidden potential in other people and projects even when they aren’t immediately apparent on the surface.

  3. Remember your reasons—and remind others. The entire crew is getting caught up in commercialism and surface distractions. Linus rallies them around what really matters by reminding them what the season is all about.

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