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How’s Your Follow-up Form? Advice On Post-interview Practices

Most job seekers invest heavily in their preparation for and conduct during an interview. But what about after that? The way you follow-up after an interview can enhance an interviewer’s impression of you or leave a bad taste in their mouth. Matt Krumrie explores the topic in his article:

Does following up after an interview make a difference? Yes, it sure does. But there’s a right way and a wrong way to follow up...“Post interview follow up with a recruiter and/ or interview team is a wise decision,” says Tim Mayer, director of talent acquisition for KrausAnderson Construction Company. “Post interview follow-up, or lack thereof, will probably not land or cost you a job, but it could confirm interview team impressions and may differentiate you from other candidates,” says Mayer.

Review the best practices he outlines—and the approaches to avoid—here.