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Preventing Burnout in A Job Search

Facing a job change is profoundly stressful. Even if you choose to seek a new position, it involves upset of routine, loss of control, and uncertainty about the future. If you were laid off, those stresses are only compounded. Looking for a job entails many challenges, from the amount of work involved in finding, applying to, and interviewing for positions to ongoing rejection. Approaching a job search in a way that is measured and sustainable is key to your success. We have three suggestions to guide you.

  1. Set goals. One of the daunting aspects of a job search is how open ended it is. Make the task more manageable by setting concrete goals. This not only helps you advance, but helps you recognize the progress you are making.

  2. Take a break. A job search can be all consuming. In order to stay fresh and engaged, sometimes you need to turn it off. That can be anything from not talking about it at dinner with your spouse to taking a weekend away to unwind.

  3. Celebrate victories. Note your accomplishments big and small, from getting an application sent off to receiving a call back. The importance of celebrating holds true even if even if you are not extended an offer: an interview helps you hone your interview skills and makes you a stronger candidate. By recognizing the victories along the way you can maintain your perspective and positive outlook.