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Four Traits that Make an Attractive Internal Candidate.

Applying to a new organization brings a unique set of challenges, from learning the corporate culture to making a positive first impression. When applying for advancement in your current institution you will be served—or hampered—by the reputation you already have. We detail four attributes that will make you a winsome internal candidate.

  1. Care about the success of your organization. Leaders look beyond their personal benefit to care about the greater good of the institution. Is your work typified by myopia or tribalism? Or are you a team player that looks to the future?

  2. Respect the people you work with. The way you treat everyone at your company reflects your character. You never know if the intern from 5 years ago will be the hiring manager you’re sitting across from in an interview. Value the contributions of everyone around you.

  3. Show initiative. Do you do your job duties just as far as it’s expected of you and no further? Hiring committees are not looking for someone who bumps along the bottom, but a self-starter who displays creativity and innovation.

  4. Recognize the differences. You are not applying for the job you have. When interviewing, your answers can include your current job duties, but should be forward looking reflecting the scope, challenges, and opportunities of the role you are applying for.