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The Key to Acing Behavioral Interview Questions: Process and People

Many people telescope their achievements when relating them to a potential employer. Shorthand is inherent in a résumé. However, an interview is your opportunity to take your interviewers inside your work experience to show them how you’ve excelled in the past—and how that will translate to success with their company. Behavioral and situational interview questions are the gold standard with many companies. Most candidates carefully think through what experiences to highlight from their career. They do not always attend to how they tell these stories. Effectively done, your synopsis should include two things: process and people.

Don’t just tell your interviewer what the problem was and what the outcome was. Succinctly take them inside your problem-solving process. Analytical skills are vital for career and company success. Employers want to hire individuals that can evaluate data, think critically, and communicate clearly.

Problem-solving is not done in isolation. It takes a team to effectively integrate change. Identify key players and show how you worked with others. Soft-skills are at a premium with employers. Your answers should exemplify that you work well with colleagues to achieve outstanding results for the benefit of the organization.