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What to Include—and Eliminate—in Your Résumé

If you included all your professional experiences on your résumé, you would need to get it hardcover bound. Hiring managers don’t want to read a novel. How do you decide which skills and outcomes to highlight and which to omit? It’s important to be strategic as you select your résumé-worthy experiences. Ask yourself these three questions to decide which inclusions make the cut:

  1. What were your most significant achievements? Key successes are often the easiest elements to identify. Your job descriptions would be incomplete without these highlights. Be attuned to creative innovations, outstanding outcomes, and benchmark accomplishments.

  2. What skills were key to your success? Reflect on what skills, experiences, and qualities enabled you to excel at the positions you’ve held. How did you approach this position differently than others would have?

  3. What garnered recognition? Sometimes others help you see the traits that you take for granted in yourself. Recognition can mean awards and accolades. It also includes more informal things, such as what your coworkers appreciated about you and your boss always mentioned in your performance review.