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What’s Your Career Story?

Every professional should be able to share his or her career journey. How do you tell a concise, meaningful story of your career? What to leave out is just as important a question as what to include. We offer three questions to keep your career tale short, but power-packed.

Who is your audience? Your career story will have consistent themes from one telling to the next, but it should reflect whom you are relating it to and why you are sharing it. A career account to an audience at a conference should be different from one told to a potential employer in an interview.

Who is the main character? Your career story is personal. Your focus and passion should be the central theme of your career story. You don’t want to be a flat, forgettable character. Show your individual ethos and ambition as you tell your career story.

What are the main plot points? The most common error people make when crafting a career story is making it too long. A listener will get bogged down or confused by a meandering tale. In the end, when you try to convey more information, your audience will retain less. Choose 3–4 main points that highlight your journey, ability, and competitive advantage and then link them together.

Once you have your career story sketched out, practice giving it aloud until you feel comfortable and natural. Remember not to over-rehearse so that it sounds robotic. And now that you have your career story, we want to hear it! Share yours with us on social media.