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If You Care About Your Institution’s Success, You’ll Prioritize Diversity

Hiring diverse employees is more than just a social fad. It has real implications for the success of your organization. Peter Cohan explains,

“Diversity and inclusion is an inherently great idea for a company. We live in a diverse world and our companies should encourage participation from all groups. Intuitively, I see a big benefit from diversity and inclusion—it yields new thinking that can help a company stay ahead of its rivals and keep it from becoming stuck in its ways.

There's plenty of statistical research arguing for diversity. As an example, according to Barron's, the upshot is that gender diversity at the top echelons of a company boosts its profitability. I also learned that one company, Salesforce, found that gender diversity also increases employee engagement and productivity.”

Read the rest of his analysis here. How have you encouraged diversity on your campus?

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