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One Thing You Must Remember if Relocating for Work

Relocating for work requires planning, forethought, and dedication. Jacquelyn Smith from Forbes has an essential checklist to guide you through the logistics of a relocation. One of her tips:

“Take time to get to know your new environment before you move. If you have the luxury of taking some time to explore your new area before arriving, do so...If you’re not able to visit the new city before you move, take the time to talk to people that live there or used to live there.”

Read her entire list here to map out the fundamentals of a relocation.

Once you’ve reserved your moving truck, packed your boxes, and signed your lease, what’s left to do? Many people overlook the mental and emotional work that it is to move. One piece of advice we always give to people relocating is this: plan to leave a little extra margin in your life. Allow more down-time. Make time for hobbies that you find relaxing and energizing. They will not only help you maintain balance and perspective throughout the transition, but may help to integrate you into your new community. Enjoy ceramics? Taking a class will help you get to know people in your new city. Are you an avid runner? Try joining a group-run to learn some of the best routes and meet some new faces.