What’s in Your Tool Box: Demonstrating Your Value in Your Résumé

July 19, 2019





Your résumé should not just be a list of jobs and companies, but a performance report for your career. When hiring managers read your résumé, they don’t want to see who you think you are, but who you’ve proved yourself to be. Make sure you clearly illustrate the asset you’d be to their company by including these four things:


  1. Active phrasing. Throughout your résumé, use active language and dynamic descriptions to further emphasize that you are a productive and engaged employee. Show, don’t tell, what you’ve done in each role. 

  2. Consistent performance. Reliability is gold for an employer. Do your projects always come in on time and under budget? Let them know. Choose one or two key indicators to include and cite the skills and stats that show your ongoing performance.

  3. Demonstrable change. How have you made a difference in your department? How has your role evolved through your initiative? Delineate measurable outcomes. 

  4. External Recognition. Promotions and awards are key indicators that others see your value. You don’t just think you’re great, others know you’re great. Be sure that any awards are professionally relevant. 










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