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Strengthening Your Five-Year Plan: Three Questions to Ask Yourself

Whether it’s a road trip or some relaxing time at the shore, summer brings with it some down-time that invites reflection. Through stepping back from your life, you can consider your path and progress. Spend some time thinking about your five-year plan with these three questions:

  1. What do I want? Before you can strategize about particulars, you need to see the broad perspective. What do you want in your career? How does that translate into the near future and long term?

  2. How can I grow? Identify specific ways you can step towards your goals. What training might you pursue? What conferences would benefit you? What practices do you need to develop?

  3. Who can help me get there? Your career is not yours alone, but interwoven with colleagues’. Who are your key partners? How can you strengthen your network? How can you support others in their career goals?