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Three Things Your Interviewers are Wondering about You

Interviewing is a high stress situation. You may feel that you have plenty to do to maintain your composure as a good candidate. You can benefit, however, from stepping beyond your role as an interviewee and consider the perspective of your interviewer. By considering their point of view—including their possible hesitations—you will present yourself as a stronger candidate. Here are three questions they have about you that you should anticipate:

  1. What do you bring to this role? Your interviewer is speaking with multiple candidates for this position. What sets you apart? You should always highlight your competitive advantage. How do your experience and skills make you uniquely qualified for this job? How does your background give you added insight to grow this role?

  2. How will they fit with my team? You are applying for a single position. The manager is supervising an entire department. Your interviewer is considering how you work well with others generally and if you’d fit with this group of people in particular. Your answers should include team dynamics, including communication styles how you address conflict.

  3. Are they going to stick around? Hiring managers must be pragmatic. Do you view this job as a stepping stone, or are you in it for the long haul? As appropriate, discuss your aspirations and how you hope to grow with this organization.