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What Do Your Employees Need to Thrive?

Employee-retention is a significant problem for many employers. How can you not only keep from losing employees, but help them make significant wins for your organization? That is employee-thriving. Dr. Rob Sheehan, Academic Director of Executive MBA Programs at the University of Maryland, expounds:

Thriving employees are more than just satisfied and productive. They go above and beyond the call of duty, attract others who are just as committed as they are, help create the future of the organization, and are in it for the long haul...Some people thrive no matter what. But most people need an environment that will support their engagement and development.

Research reported in Harvard Business Review* suggests that there are two components of thriving. First is vitality—a sense of being alive, passionate, and excited. The other is learning—the growth that comes from gaining new knowledge. Together, these two components creating thriving, engaged employees.

Dr. Sheehan offers four suggestions for leaders to facilitate a work environment that helps all members of your staff not merely survive, but thrive. Read his guidelines here.