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Are You Listening? Don’t Neglect These Essential Communication Skills

Communication skills are foundational skills for success in the workplace—and some of the most neglected abilities. No matter your role, your communication skills will be called upon. As an executive-search firm, we see the importance of listening first-hand. From hearing our clients’ needs to reading between the lines with a candidate in an interview, careful listening is the difference between missing the mark and exceeding expectations.

David D. Perlmutter, Dean of the College of Media & Communication at Texas Tech University, shares four strategies to improve your listening skills.

He points out that truly hearing someone leads to action. He writes,

A colleague once summed up a dean he knew as "all glad hands and attentiveness but no follow-up." He meant that, in the moment, the administrator was terrific at interpersonal communication. But afterwards, it became clear that he only appeared to be an excellent listener.

After a meeting or a conversation, show that you have listened and valued the exchange enough to follow up on it.

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